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iMOTION™ controller, driver & IPM

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Hello everyone.

I am testing the drive and control of our own IPM motor using the evaluation board (EVAL-M1-IM828A) and control board (EVAL-M1-101T, IC used: IMC101T) to evaluate the IPM of IM828-XCC.

The goal of the test is to investigate the heat generation of the IM828 when the IPM motor is driven at the rated torque and rated speed.

Therefore, a load equivalent to the rated torque of the motor is connected to the load side, and "speed control" of the rated speed (3000 rpm) is performed on the evaluation board side.

First, we drove the IPM motor at the rated torque of 2000 rpm and confirmed that it continued to operate without any problems.


However, when we increased the speed, the following problems became apparent.

When we set the motor speed to 2500 rpm, the control diverged, causing the motor to stall and generate abnormal noise.

In order to determine the cause of the problem, we conducted a similar test using the same motor with our own inverter that we have used in the past.

We think the problem lies in the sensorless control settings or the control board (EVAL-M1-101T).

Also, when we changed from "speed control" to "current control" and adjusted to the same conditions (rated torque/2500 rpm), we confirmed that the control still diverged when the speevd exceeded 2500 rpm.


Please advise me which parameter is affecting the problem.


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Hi @StMao ,


1) Please tell us what is the exact fault message triggered when motor stopped at 2500 RPM so that we can get more information to solve the issue.

2) Please share us the config file MCE Wizard, Parameters file and motor datasheet