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The TDA21590 integrated power stage contains a low quiescent current synchronous buck gate-driver IC which is co-packed with control and synchronous MOSFETs along with an active diode structure that achieves low VDS similar to a Schottky with very little reverse recovery charge. The package is optimized for PCB layout, heat transfer, driver/MOSFET control timing, and minimal switch-node ringing when layout guidelines are followed. The paired gate driver and MOSFET combination enables higher efficiency at lower output voltages required by cutting edge CPU, GPU and DDR memory designs. The internal MOSFET sensing achieves superior current sense accuracy vs. best-in-class controller-based inductor DCR sense methods. Protection includes IC temperature reporting and over temperature protection feature (OTP with thermal shutdown), cycle-by-cycle over current protection (OCP), control MOSFET short detection (HSS – High-side short detection), VDRV and bootstrap under-voltage protection. The TDA21590 also features "refreshing" of bootstrap capacitor to prevent the bootstrap capacitor from over-discharging. Operation of up to 1.5 MHz switching frequency enables high performance transient response, allowing miniaturization of output inductors, as well as input and output capacitors while maintaining industry leading efficiency.
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