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TLS820F0EL V50

TLS820F0EL V50
With an input voltage range of 3 V to 40 V and very low quiescent of only 40 μA, these regulators are perfectly suitable for automotive or any other supply systems connected to the battery permanently. The TLS820F0 V50 provides an output voltage accuracy of 2 % and a maximum output current up to 200 mA. The new loop concept combines fast regulation and very good stability while requiring only one small ceramic capacitor of 1 μF at the output. At currents below 100 mA the device will have a very low typical dropout voltage of only 70 mV. The operating range starts already at input voltages of only 3 V (extended operating range). This makes the TLS820F0 V50 also suitable to supply automotive systems that need to operate during cranking condition. The output voltage is supervised by the Reset feature, including Undervoltage Reset, delayed Reset at Power-On and an adjustable lower Reset Threshold. In addition, a Watchdog circuit with flexible timings is integrated to monitor the microcontroller’s operation. Output current limitation and overtemperature shutdown are implemented to protect the device against immediate damage.
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