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cross mob


The wide switching frequency range allows optimization in respect of efficiency and usage of small filter components. A dedicated reference-regulator supplies the ADC independent from μC-load steps and acts as tracking-source for the 2 independent sensor-supplies. The flexible state machine, wake-up concept including timer, and the stand-by-regulator favors the usage in numerous applications. Multiple safety features enable easy realization of ASIL-D together with various Microcontrollers (μCs). The TLF35584 is coming in small, thermally enhanced VQFN-48 (QV-version) capable for automated optical inspection. To get access to the complete OPTIREG™ PMIC technical documentation please follow the instruction here. The TLF355854 is featured as power supply and safety monitor on the Hitex ShieldBuddy AURIX™ TC375.
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