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It’s using an efficient and flexible pre-/post-regulator concept over a wide input voltage range. The high switching frequency range of the battery connected, synchronous buck (3.3 V/3.5 A) with integrated switches allows optimization in usage of small filter components. An integrated synchronous SMPR-buck (switch-mode post-regulator) with high switching frequency enables supply for core or for memory (0.9 V-1.3 V/2.0 A). Additionally, an asynchronous SMPR-boost (5.0 V/0.25 A), running as well with high switching frequency, provides the 5 V-domain for transceiver. Integrated switches, compensation and the high switching frequency is both minimizing the number and the value of external components required. Additional features are under-/over-voltage monitoring (via independent reference) of all integrated and up to two external rails, as well as a flexible watchdog concept to supervise the µC offers high flexibility for multiple applications. The automotive qualified TLF30682QVS01is available in small, thermally enhanced VQFN-48 capable for automated optical inspection. The device is optimized for 76-79GHz radar applications within Infineon’s radar chipset consisting of RXS8161PL MMIC, TC35xTA µC, and CAN-transceiver TLE9250VLE. All features and functions are optimized to work together enabling easy, fast implementation. Functional safety documents for TLF30682QVS01 are available on request. To get access to the complete OPTIREG™ PMIC technical documentation please follow the instruction here.
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