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TLE9853QX is part of the MOTIX™ TLE985x Infineon Embedded Power IC product family. The single chip 2-phase motor driver integrates the industry standard Arm® Cortex®-M0 core with an NFET driver. This System-on-Chip solution includes four fully integrated NFET drivers optimized to drive a 2-phase motor via four external power NFETs, a charge pump enabling low voltage operation and programmable current along with current slope control for optimized EMC behavior. Its peripheral set includes a current sensor, a successive approximation ADC synchronized with the capture and compare unit for PWM control and 16-bit timers. A LIN transceiver is also integrated to enable communication to the device along with a number of general purpose I/Os. It includes an on-chip linear voltage regulator to supply external loads. Produced on Infineon's first-in-industry automotive qualified 130 nm Smart Power technology, the Infineon Embedded Power System-on-Chip solution offers an unmatched level of integration as well as system cost to performance optimization for the target application segments such as window lift. The MOTIX™ TLE985x product family is offered in a leadless VQFN-48 package to save board space.
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