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It is designed for in- vehicle networks using data transmission rates up to 20 kbps. The TLE7258 operate as a bus driver between the protocol controller and the physical bus of the LIN network. Compliant to all LIN standards and with a wide operational supply range the TLE7258 can be used in all automotive applications. The usage of different operation modes and the INH output allows the TLE7258 to control external components like e.g. voltage regulators. In Sleep mode the TLE7258 draws typically less than 10 μA of quiescent current while still being able to wake-up when detecting LIN bus traffic. The very low leakage current on the BUS pin makes the TLE7258 especially suitable for partially supplied networks. Based on the Infineon BiCMOS technology the TLE7258 provides excellent ESD robustness together with a very high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The TLE7258 reaches a very low level of electromagnetic emission (EME) within a broad frequency range and independent from the battery voltage. The TLE7258 is AEC qualified and tailored to withstand the harsh conditions of the automotive environment.
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