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The Infineon XENSIV™ TLE4988C products feature advanced camshaft sensing performance and improved application adaption. One major benefit of the advanced sensor performance is the reduced dependence from rare-earth backbias magnets for module manufacturers. The TLE4988C has proven right performance with a ferrite backbias magnet for all relevant parameters such as phase jitter, phase accuracy or speed effect across key temperature, air gap and rpm ranges. With automatic in-car calibration a most accurate sensing in real application environment is ensured addressing tolerances of ferromagnetic wheels and magnetic encoders, as well as mounting tolerances of the sensor. The TLE4988C products furthermore allow to compensate for thermal or mechanical stress applied in the module manufacturing process. The embedded EEPROM can also feature a unique chip ID to allow logistic traceability (on request). A new high speed digital I/F allows a fast read out of registers for diagnosis or test purposes. Infineon´s TLE4988C products are available optimized for the use with three different backbias magnet materials, such as Fe (link to), SmCo (link to) and NdFe. All products come inside the well established Camshaftsensor package PG-SSO-3-52 with Sn plating, 3-wire voltage I/F and increased supply/output capacitance of 220/1,8nF for higher EMC robustness. With unchanged mechanical specification of the package a high backward compatibility with predecessor products from Infineon is given and design switch cost are minimized.
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