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The MA2304PNS is a 2x37 W audio amplifier with integrated audio DSP and I2S/TDM audio interface. It features the MERUS™ multilevel switching amplifier technology enabling unmatched power efficiency at both low and high output power. Multilevel switching also relaxes EMI and enables inductor‑less applications with lower cost and no compromise in audio performance or efficiency. A high order internal feedback loop ensures low THD for excellent audio performance. The ultra‑low idle power consumption is at least five times lower than the traditional class D audio amplifiers in the market, making MA2304PNS ideal for battery powered speaker applications with extended battery life and/or reduced battery cell cost. In mains‑powered multichannel applications, the reduced and scalable EMI performance, enables otherwise impossible industrial designs, without the necessity for a heatsink or a traditional LC filter.
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