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cross mob


The 950 V CoolMOS™ PFD7 superjunction MOSFET (IPB95R310PFD7) complements the CoolMOS™ 7 offering for high power lighting and industrial SMPS applications. The IPB95R310PFD7 in the TO-263 package features RDS(on) of 310 mΩ leading to low switching losses. The products come with an integrated fast body diode ensuring a robust device. This product family is tailored to ultrahigh power density as well as the highest efficiency designs. The products primarily address consumer and industrial SMPS applications for PFC and LLC/LCC topologies. The 950 V CoolMOS™ PFD7 offers 60% improved Qg over CoolMOS™ C3 resulting in the reduction of driving losses and improved light- and full-load efficiency in the applications.
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