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cross mob


Infineon introduces its latest OptiMOS™6 40V power MOS technology in the 5x6mm² SS08 leadless package with highest quality level and robustness for automotive applications. A portfolio of 16 products (RDSon_max from 0.8mΩ to 4.4mΩ address the whole applications range from low-power e.g. Body applications to high-power e.g. EPS) which enables the the customer to find the best product fit in the their applications. All of this enables the Best-in-Class product FOM (RDSon x Qg) and performance on the market. The new SS08 product offers 120A continuous current ratings, which is >25% higher than the standard DPAK at almost half of its footprint area. Additionally, the new generation of the SS08 package enables superior switching performance and EMI behavior due to very low package inductance (≈4x lower package inductivity vs traditional packages e.g. DPAK, D²PAK) by using the new copper-clip intercontact technology.
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