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The EVAL-M3-IM564 is an evaluation board to support customers during their first steps of designing applications with CIPOS™ Mini PFC-integrated IPMs. As a part of iMOTION™ Modular Application Design Kit, the combination of this power board and matching control board EVAL-M3-102T creates a powerful inverter + PFC system for evaluating the latest Infineon technologies. This board features IM564-X6D, one of the CIPOS™ Mini product family, which integrates a 3-phase inverter stage and a PFC stage in one DIP 36x21D package. It incorporates a CoolMOS™ Power MOSFET and a rapid switching diode for the PFC stage to increase PFC switching frequency up to 150kHz and this enables significant inductor size reduction for high power density with small system size and it enables rapid prototyping of various inverterized motor control systems, for example fans, pumps and compressors, in combination with active PFC.
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