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EVAL-M3-102T is a Control Board for iMOTION™ Modular Application Design Kit (MADK) platform. It is powered by the new IMC102T-F064 iMOTION™ Motor Control IC featuring advanced Motor Control Engine (MCE), that enables state-of-the-art Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) combined with the active Power Factor Correction (PFC) control, without need for any coding. IMC102T-F064 is a part of the iMOTION™ IMC100 series, which is the next generation of well established iMOTION™ motor control IC platform dedicated to field oriented control of PMSM (BLDC) motors. The combination of this control board and matching iMOTION MADK power board EVAL-M3-CM615PN creates a powerful inverter + PFC system for evaluating the latest Infineon technologies. EVAL-M3-CM615PN features the new IFCM15P60GD IPM device based on the CIPOS™ Mini IPM technology, which combines 3-phase inverter stage and PFC stage based on TRENCHSTOP™ IGBTs. Before setting up and running the motor control system, the user needs to download following files from the iMOTION™ Tools & Software webpage: IMC102T-F064 MCE Software Package, containing the latest MCE firmware image, corresponding default configuration files and release notes MCEWizard and MCEDesigner PC tools which are required for system configuring, controlling, tuning and monitoring. User should check this page regularly for updates on MCE firmware or iMOTION™ PC tools. Please refer to the EVAL-M1-101T User Manual for more information. Get your motor running in less than 1 hour! Eval-M3-102T, in combination with matching power boards from iMOTION™ MADK Platform, enables rapid prototyping of various inverterized motor control systems, for example fans, pumps and compressors, in combination with active PFC. More about iMOTION™ MADK platform!
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