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The Distance2GoL radar system is a demo platform for Infineon’s 24GHz BGT24LTR11 radar transceiver. The Distance2GoL consists of two boards – the microcontroller board with the XMC4700 (RADAR BB XMC4700) and a radar frontend board (BGT24LTR11 Shield), which features a 4x1 array antenna for the transmitter and receiver sections. It is shielded with a metal cover and absorber material to get the best RF performance. The heart of the Distance2GoL module is the highly integrated BGT24LTR11 MMIC, which is a radar transceiver operating from 24.00 to 24.25 GHz. In order to keep the output frequency within this ISM band, this demo board features a software-based closed loop. Such an implementation eliminates the need for an external hardware PLL and makes it a low cost and low powers solution. The Distance2GoL is a low-power solution for motion sensing and range detection with 24 GHz radar for a human target. It additionally allows direction of movement detection, proximity sensing as well as real presence sensing. The smart tracking algorithm enables reliable one-dimensional tracking of a human target despite possible clutter or stationary objects around. Hence, the Distance2GoL is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications.
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