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cross mob


This demo board features Infineon’s 60GHz XENSIV™ radar sensor BGT60TR13C. It consists of a Radar Baseboard MCU7 and a BGT60TR13C shield. The BGT60TR13C MMIC comes with integrated antennas and is equipped with one transmitting and three receiving antennas. A L-shaped antenna array ensures horizontal and as well as vertical angular measurement. Thanks to its small form factor and low power consumption, BGT60TR13C MMIC brings innovative, intuitive sensing capabilities to many applications. Based on the developed algorithm the MMIC can serve established as well as new applications and use cases without intruding on privacy, such as presence detection, segmentation/tracking, gesture/vital sensing as well as material classification. Please be aware that the algorithm to serve these use cases needs to be developed separately in cooperation with partners/signal processing experts.
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