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The BGT60LTR11AIP MMIC is a fully integrated microwave motion sensor including Antennas in Package (AIP) as well as built-in motion and direction of motion detectors. A state machine enables operation of the device autonomously, i.e., without an external microcontroller or further signal processing. The MMIC has four quad-state input pins that give the performance parameters flexibility, even in this autonomous mode. The detection threshold or sensitivity has 16 different levels in order to fulfill a configurable detection range from 0.5 m up to 7 m with a typical human target Radar Cross Section (RCS). Hold time is also configurable in 16 levels in autonomous mode, which allows detection status to be held from 0.1 s up to 30 minutes. The device can achieve power consumption of less than 2mW with adjustable duty cycling. The small, 3.3 × 6.7 × 0.56-mm³ MMIC has integrated antennas. This eliminates antenna design complexity at user end and allows the PCBs to be designed with standard FR4 materials. These features make this small-sized radar solution a compelling smart and cost-effective replacement for conventional PIR sensors, even in low power or battery-powered products. In addition, the BGT60LTR11AIP addresses a huge variety of applications that can benefit from smart motion detection - whether to save energy, protect privacy or improve the user experience of smart devices. Interested in learning more about the BGT60LTR11AIP radar sensor? Please contact your respective sales person or distributor. For first evaluation of the BGT60LTR11AIP radar sensor, we offer the DEMO BGT60LTR11AIP board, as well as the Radar Development Kit which can be downloaded via the Infineon Developer Center (IDC).
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