xmc1100 hardware is not working

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iam ravi embedded engineer from thinkembedded pvt ltd, hyderabad, india.
i purchased EVAL BOARD BOOT KIT XMC1100 for my testing. it is working fine.
actually this is breakble for flashing other xmc1100 controllers via SWD.
so, i breakd it out and i tried for my experiment board which has controller naming XMC1100T038X0064AAXUMA1. but that boot kit is unable to flash my experiment board.
the problem is that "no cortex-m sw device found ".
so, please help me to solve this problem. if you further any info. i will provide you.
thank you.
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Hi Ravi,
BMI value of XMC1100 determine the boot-up mode of the device.
For XMC1100 boot kit, This may be set to SWD0. so you have to config BMI as per your Debug pin.
If you have a new sample from Infineon, than mostly it would be in ASC_BSL mode.
If that is the case, you could use the Get/Set BMI utility in DAVE3 to change the BMI value from
ASL_BSL to SWD0 or SWD1. Make sure you are using Debug option not HAR option otherwise
you will not able to program your device further more.