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The XMC user manual says that XMC1300 does not support external events. Page 2-37 in the xmc1300_rm_v1+0_2013_03.pdf says "Note: External events are not supported in XMC1300. Nevertheless, SEV instruction will
set the event register." Can this be true?
I want to get an interrupt when an external passive infrared sensor detects movement. The sensor has an open drain output which is pulled high by a pull up resistor so that a few sensors can be 'wire OR'ed'. The XMC does not have an external interrupt pin.
My application is a battery powered movement sensitive camera that needs to take a snapshot when it detects movement in its field of vision. In the absence of movement the system needs to go to low power mode to conserve battery power. how can I achieve this?
In the field the device will wait for movement sometimes for days. A periodic wake-up is not such a good idea because this will waste precious battery power.
The battery is three AAA alkaline batteries with a capacity of 1200 mAh and I need to get 2 yrs of life out of this. In active mode the application will draw max 400mA for 1s maybe 20 times a day but can also not see any activity for a few days inbetween.

Jack Frost
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Hi Jack Frost,

XMC1000 doesn't have dedicated pin as external interrupt.
]But it is possible to created an external interrupt on the GPIO via ERU.
You can refers to this TIP of the day topic:
XMC1000 TIP of the day: Generating Interrupt from Port Pin
With this interrupt, you can put your system to sleep/deep sleep mode and only wakes up when this interrupt is triggered.
If you have any question regarding how to create the interrupt, feel free to post here.

Cheers.. :cool: