Xmc4500 usbvc01

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Dear members,
I am using the relax kit of the Infineon XMC4500.
For transfering data from the microcontroller to pc, I am using
the app USBVC001, version 1.0.12.
For to transfer 6400 bytes of data it takes about 6 to 7 seconds,
and it is to slow for my application.

I think it does not matter if the baudrate is 9600, 115200, 10000000, 1
or less then zero.
It doesn't seem unusal, because it is just a virtual com-port, which doesn't need a baudrate.

Is it possible to raise the transfer speed of the virtual COM-Port?

best regards.

Edit: In my program was a lot of overhead, which it made slow.
Now I have a fast baud rate.
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Hi Ruvi,

Just to make it clear to you, the speed is actually following the USB speed which is 12Mbps.
However, due to the low level driver configuration, each transfer only allows 16bytes of data.
That is why the speed seems slow.

And if you have more overhead in your program, the time from the current transfer to the next transfer will be longer too.
Hence, that's make it even slow in total.