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I want to share my experience of connecting this LED to XMC4500 Relax Lite Kit && Dave3.
This LED is commonly used with Aurdino and based on Hitachi chip HD44780.
As far it comes with I2C converter based on PCF8574(A), only two signal lines needed.

1. Apply +5V to LED and adjust contrast, using VR1 on I2C converter.
2. Check version of PCF8574. PCF8574 has 0x4E I2C address; PCF8574A -> 0x7E,
assuming its A0-A2 tied to +5V by default.
3. Add I2C001 application to your Dave3 project. Configure 400 kBaud speed and 2 bytes FIFO for both RX and TX.
4. Add lcd.c & lcd.h to your project.
5. To check HW, connect SDA and SCL lines directly to corresponding pins of PCF8574. They are +5V tolerant. You can use PCF8574_Data(Data) function. Data=0X01 means that you should have 'HI' logical level on D0 pin of PCF8574, and 'LO' on others, and so on.
6. Call LCD_Init() and LCD_Hello() functions from Main(). "Hello World" must be there!

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