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I need better documentation and sample code for HRPWM module.
When the Infineon will release a HRPWM user guide with code sample like was done for ADC?

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as mentioned in another thread, there are now available HRPWM Apps. For the moment, we consider that the reference manual information in the introducttion part, can help users understanding the peripheral and ist usage in digital power control. We will extend in future the technical documentation with examples where HRPWM peripheral is used in real applications.
Example codes with HRPWM Apps will follow as well.

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Hi Pablo,

maybe it is possible, that there are many developers out there not allowed or like to use Dave with APPS for their projects ?
Because they have to use an already qualified tool chain maybe for safety related products or have to port their already tested code and environments to your XMC... reusing their code.
Some people may even worry about the resulting performance by using APPS calling through all the layers of code instead of directly accessing registers when the need for speed and performance is at first.

I actually even prefer porting our code the straight way, programming only the low level drivers and abstraction level to reuse tested and qualified code from former projects.
So I understand that customers ask for some working example code for the HRPWM because even my frustration level is increasing these days ( while implementing an interleaved CC-PFC and dual LLC for an 11kW OBC)
and my driver, which shall simply forward CCU81 Slide PWM through the HRPWM for output to my LLC, does not work yet.
And it is not getting better reading the 418 pages of the related Manual wasting much time...

From my point of view it is really necessary to provide some code examples for people not using Dave or APPS to
understand the complexity of HRPWM and CCU8 and to enable them to code their own drivers.
Otherwise developers will refuse to use XMC MCUs for their own products nor will change from already established competitor products.
What is a powerful peripheral in a really cool XMC MCU worth when the acceptance drops because of missing support and well structured documentation ?

So if there is an example without Dave, please send to me.

Much thanks & kind regards,