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Can anybody please share UART Project with DAVE as I am really facing very much difficulty in configuring it. There are no documents available that explain it. There are many parameters in the configuration GUI of UART which I don't know.
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There is a help document for each of the APPs, including the UART APP.
This document contain many information such as description of the parameters, functions and also include a usage example to show how to configure the APP step by step.

It can be accessed from DAVE4 in 2 ways:
1) under the tab, go to , expand and click on the latest version of the APP.
2) from the APP dependency window, right click on the APP and select .

Note that the usage example is based on XMC4500 but it can also be used for XMC1300.
Only thing to change are the RXD and TXD pins.
For XMC1300, change:
- RXD to P1.3
- TXD to P1.2

Can you have a look and see if it helps?

Min Wei