Xmc1000 Kit Motor Control

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I have a Xmc1000 Motor Control Application Kit and trying to drive a motor different from on kit.
Motor specs are ; 3 phase, 8 poles, 24 VDC, nominal current 0,5 A, 4000 rpm, 125 mNm Torque, 52.5 W, LineToLine Resistance 0,8 ohms, LineToLine Inductance 1,2 mH, Back EMF 2,71 Vrms/Krpm, Rotor Inertia 48 g/cm^2.

If I use the app PMSMFOCSL01, I can run the motor without load ( 500 to 4000 rpm ). But on load It stops about at 1500 rpm. And my motor needs around 2 A current with 2000 rpm speed. I use any other adaptor which is 24 V 3,75 A. With default shont res It says max 3 A DC_Link Current.

If I use the app BLDCBCSL01, I can't run the motor even without load. I didn't find any example about that app. When I added that app to my project on " S/W APP Connectivity View " I see "IO001/0, IO001/1, IO001/2, IO001/3 " . All of them for ADC but what for ?

In shortly Is there any chance to drive that motor about at 2000 rpm with that kit ? I can modify the kit If It needs.
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