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Hello guys,

I have a µC XMC4700 on the XMC4700 Relax Kit. It seems like the error RTC_CM.001, whereby the RTC event might get lost every 15 s, is still available on XMC4700 family product. According to Errata document (Document id: 03930AERRA), it shall have been fixed.

I just configure so that 1Hz interrupt event is generated by the RTC. A timer based CCU4 is used to measure the time duration between 2 interrupt event. In particular, the time tic is got in every call of SCU_0_IRQHandler. and afterwards the time duration to the last event is calculated.
The error is not always reproducible, but I can see it is still there. Moreover, it is also noticed that the accuracy of 1Hz event also fluctuates, whereby the time duration between two events takes 999707 µs for 6 or 7 measurements (6 or 7 seconds) and once it takes 1001538 µs.

Does anyone has the same problem or might have an idea?

Best regards,

Attached I added the table containing the time duration between 1Hz events.
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