XMC4500 tcp retransmission

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I am tesing a target board which assembled with XMC4500 and DP83848.
This board (tcp server) works on KEIL RTX OS.
There is a problem in tcp communication with client(PC).
As can be seen in the attached screen-shot retransmission occurs from target board.

The problem is :
When server send data(20 bytes) to client the "ACK" from client is sent after retransmission from server to client.

I have adjusted the "Number of Retries" ans "Retry Timeout in seconds" of Net_Config.c in order to eliminate the retransmission but the problem was not removed.

Tick time interval : 10 ms
OS Systick Tomer Value : 10 ms
Number of retries : 5
Retry Timeout in seconds : 10

Please advise me to solve this problem.

Best regards.
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