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My xmc4500 target boad flash memory protected with memtool and miniwiggler(via SWD) as "Hardware protection" guide of XMC4500 flash protection with Memtool.
But I can't remove protection.
Whenever I remove all protection pop-up window "Protection operation failed" appears instead of "Protection operation successful".

In order to remove protection when I have to enter the saved password?
This process is not described in "XMC4500 flash protection with Memtool".
Protection remove need not password?

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I am not sure if you had this document before. The last part described how you can remove protection completely.
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Hi Travis.

Thank you for your help.

I stored the attached file in a previous thread.
After flash protection,
1. I closed memtool software and started the memtool again.
2. Plug out and plug in miniwiggler, power off/on target board.
3. Clicked on the "Connect" button, I can see the locked sectors.
4. Clicked on the "HW protect" button.
5. Checked on the "Removed all Protection"
6. Clicked on the "Start" button.
7. Clicked on the "Yes" button in window "Note : Activating protection may prevent any futher FLASH operation! Doyou want continue?
this window never appear again.

8. I can not see the window "Protection operation successful" for 8 times remove(8 pieces CPU locked).

It seems that the protection is well.

Best regards.