XMC4500 UART not always reciving data

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I am trying to communicate between STM32F4 and XMC4500 via UART.
I made simple function to initialize connection and XMC doesn't always see data coming back from STM

while(init == 1)
UART_Receive(&UART_0, rec_data, 6);
if((rec_data[0] == 0x00) && (rec_data[2] == 0xCC) && (rec_data[4] == 0x00))
uint8_t ack = 0;
while(ack == 0)
UART_Transmit(&UART_0, &odp[0], 1);
UART_Receive(&UART_0, &ack, 1);
for(uint32_t i = 0; i < 5000;i++);
init = 0;

The problem happens inside the"ack while", where XMC is constantly sending odp[0], and ignoring STMs response (which is the same value as odp[0]).
I've checked signal on a signal analyzer and it seems that UART_Receive just does nothing, while(UART_IsRxBusy(&UART_0)); finishes after just one check on a statement.

Any solutions?
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