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cross mob
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The XMC4500 has got the following reset signals:
• Power-on Reset, PORESET
• System Reset, SYSRESET
• Standby Reset, STDBYRESET
• Debug Reset, DBGRESET

Power-on Reset
- A complete reset of the core domain of the device is executed upon power-up.

System Reset
- The System Reset resets almost all logic in the core domain. The only exceptions in the core domain are RCU Registers and Debug Logic.
- Can be triggered by software, Power on reset, Lock up signal, watch dog and memory parity error

Standby Reset
- The Hibernate domain including the RTC is only reset by a standby reset.
- Can be triggered by power on reset or software.

Debug Reset
- It is triggered by Debug Reset request from DAP or System Reset while in normal mode.

The attachment shows an overview of the reset signals their source and effects on the various parts of the system.
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