XMC4500 Tip of the day: External Events Control (CCU4/CCU8)

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Do you know that we can control CCU4 / CCU8 using external signals?

The CCU4/ CCU8 offer 9 External Events functions to control timer, loading, counting, direction etc.

1. External Start/Stop
2. External Counting Direction
3. External Gating Signal
4. External Count Signal
5. External Load
6. External Capture
7. External Modulation
8. TRAP Function
9. Status Bit Override

Each CCU4/CCU8 timer slice has the possibility of using up to three different input events with Level or Edge Active selection (Depend on the External mode selection) to control the CCU.

The general procedures to set up "External Event Control" are as follow. (see attachment)
1. Set the "Input selector configuration " CC4yINS.EVxIS for the selected inputs
2. Select the level/edge active "CC4yINS.EVxLM / CC4yINS.EVxEM"
3. Configure the Connection Matrix Control for the desired Extenal function mode "CC4yCMC"
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Hi Travis,

how could this be managed via XMC-Lib and/or App?

Kind regards