XMC4500 - SW Trap Exit - Register handling

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Hi everybody,

i'm using the XMC4500 Relax Kit together with DAVE in order to realize an easy PWM function. With the PWMSP001 app I've managed to control one LED on the board. In the next step I want to use the Trap function with an SW exit of the PWMSP001 for save switching off the LED.
The Trap-Function and SW Exit are activated in my app, that after flashing the board my PWM controlled LED is off. Now in order to activate the PWM (and the LED) I have to clear the Trap state bit, right?
As picture "22-32 Trap control diagram" from xmc4500 reference manual tells me to clear the CC4ySWR.RE2A and CC4ySWR.RTRPF bitfields to activate the PWM I'm using the following code:
Unfortunately my LED does not start to blink... what am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance
Best regards,

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