XMC4500 Relax Kit Light V1 debugger defect

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i damaged two XMC4500 Relax Kit light V1 boards. The debugger on the board is defect, means if i connect the usb cable to the debugger, then the DEBUG LED starts to blink very fast and no JLINK device is found in the PC Device Manager.
I modified the Relax Kit by removing the D2 and D102, because my board is powered by a external 3.3V voltage regulator. Later I saw the VBUS Pin is still connected to the USB5V Connector via L1 and L100.

1. Do you think the voltage applied to the VBUS Pin and not started 3.3V regulator of my external circuit has damaged the debugger, because the Chip tried to source the internal VDD?
2. I have one working debugger detached from the Relax kit. Is it possile to connect the working debugger to X101 of the defect one to try to reflash?
3. If i can reflash the defect debugger via X101, where i can find the hex file of the JLINK light?
4. On the defect debugger, if i push my fingers on the crystral or controller crystal input, then the blinking frequency from very fast changing to very slow, maybe only the mikrocontroller is in a different clock source setting. What do you think?
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