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I have recently migrated from Freescale MCU's to Infineon MCU's

I have progressed a lot over last 2 weeks.
I have been using KBI (keyboard interrupt) on Freescale devices for particular pins.
With these i was able to build a matrix keyboard quite easily , unfortunately with limited knowledge of the XMC device in this particular peripheral , i am having some trouble.

With a single button , i can invoke an interrupt by

What i did till now..
for one switch/key i can generate 'a' & 'b' as input to the detector.
The detector can detect both 'a' & 'b' as trigger sources which further triggers the EVENT GENERATOR.
The generator further triggers the interrupt.

So what i figured is that , for 8 keys i require 4 EVENT DETECTORS and further , only one srq interrupt handler, where i write my code.

But with this approach , i cannot define few keys which i want as rows or columns for my matrix.
I plan to get the rows on interrupt and poll the columns. Unfortunately DAVE doesnt grant me pins of my choice.

What am i doing wrong here?
My MCU is XMC4500 100 pin, and my choice of port is PORT14
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So sorry that I still do not have a very clear understanding about your implementation. Can you upload a circuit diagram or schematic about your keyboard matix? There is possibility that you can use the ERU.