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Hi All,

I'm having trouble getting SystemView up and running.

I'm running FreeRTOS V10.1.1, i used the Dave app to pull in all the source code and have a very simple application running one task for the time being until i get Systemview integrated and try and use it on my main project. I have pulled in all the Systemview source code and the project compiles and runs fine.

However i'm struggling to get SystemView to display live streaming data. I have tried using the auto address search for the RTT block and also used a fixed address as found in the FREERTOS.map file defined under_SEGGER_RTT.

As soon as i try and run SystemView while running in debug in DAVE the application just halts at this section of the code.


I had exactly the same issue when trying to use Tracelyzer as well.

I'm unsure what im doing wrong and havent found anything of help online so far. Has anyone been able to get SystemView up and running on an XMC device running FreeRTOS? Someone maybe have an example project etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm burning way too much time trying to get it running.

Kind Regards,
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i have an XMC1400 with FREE RTOS and Systemview working. Please send me an private message for more Details.

best regards