XMC4500-F144x1024 AB & EBU (SDRAM)

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I'm currently designing an application using SDRAM, Ethernet, 1 CAN, SPI, 8 Analog Inputs and some digital IO.
When selecting the XMC4500-F144x1024 AB chip, I cannot select the EBU App from the Selection View.
I have tried a few variants: the AA chips allow me to configure the EBU, but AB variants do not. Is SDRAM not yet supported on these devices?
How can I proceed to also use DRAM for storing larger amount of measurement data for processing on the uC (and sending result data via CAN/ETH)? Shall I just develop the application using the AA chip in Dave 3.1.6?

Thanks, Benjamin
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Hi Benjamin,

Is not the AB variant do not support EBU but the software is not available for AB variant yet.
There are still some apps that are available for AA variant but not available for AB variant.
More app will be release from time to time for AB variant.
Therefore, perhaps you can developed the software using AA variant in DAVE3.
It is possible for the AB variant device to run the software developed using AA variant.