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I've successfully setup a CCU4 slice to count on positive edges of Event0 and I've set the count direction to depend on Event1. So it increments the counter if Event1 is HIGH and decrements the counter if Event1 is low, for every positive flank of Event0.

What I really wish to do is extend this logic to also count on negative edges on Event0, but with reversed logic. So increment the counter when Event1 is LOW and decrement the counter when Event1 is HIGH, for every negative flank of Event0. As this doesn't seem possible, I've looked to instead have two counters (so two slices) - one for positive flanks and one for negative flanks. This way, I can perform the logic in SW by reading both timers and just keep track.

In what ways can I connect two CCU4 timers (e.g. events, status bits, etc.)? Is it possible to connect between different units or just between slices within the same unit?

Perhaps via the ERU or NVIC?
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