XMC4500 CAN-Node sends no ACK on BUS

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Hello together,

i have a weird phenomen on a XMC-4500 Relax kit. I have a motor controler project which i want to expand with can functionality. I added the CAN-Node-App in Dave, configured it and added some messages and interrupts. So far so good.
When I tested it, it seemed like the node doesn't send the dominant ack bit on receiving messages. Using a cananalyzer software showed the same. I thought I made a configuration mistake and created a second small testproject. Same settings,
but now the can node reacts like it should, sending acks und reacting to received messages. Changing to the main project, the can shows again no reaction. Even after compairing the NCR and NSR registers in both projects in debug,
i can spot no difference or reason that would explain the behaviour. NCR.INIT is 0. NCR.CALM is 0. I even compaired the code generated by dave. But in the Can-node or can global files are no differences.

Has anybody an idea what could make the problems or what i can also try?

Thanks in advance
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