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I am trying to set up a simple FIR filter on ADC on an XMC4400.
Every time I click FIR filter in post processing on ADC_MEASUREMENT_ADV, I get an
"DAVE is not able to grant your last hardware resource request".

I have selected the ADC_SCAN_APP at 8 bit conversion mode in DAVE 4.3.2
Only upto 4 FIFO configurations are generated. Anything beyond that gives the above error.
Also other than subtract and accumulate, selecting any of the filtering coefficients brings the above error
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DAVE is right. In the XMC4400 the boundary flags are associated only with the first 4 result registers (see bottom of page 17-33 in XMC4400 reference manual) .
Therefore if you enable the boundary flag, you can only have a FIFO size of upmost 4 registers.
Regarding the post processing options, only the result register 7 and 15 allows result filtering (see page 17-40 in XMC4400 reference manual).

More details can be found in the AP32305 - XMC4000 - Versatile Analog to Digital Converter(VADC)