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Hi there! 

I'm currently working with XMC4400Platform2Go, and I'm trying to send and receive data through my PC. 

However, when I lauch the program, nothing happens. I have connected the XMC board to the PC with a USB cable. Do I need an USB to UART serial adapter?

Also, I have assigned P0.5 to receive data and P1.15 for transmitting. Is it correct?

Thanks in advance!

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Are you looking for a USB virtual COM port example? Kindly check this dave code example repository. The example USBD_VCOM_APP_Example_XMC45 can be referred and create and an example for XMC4400 device.

Best Regards,

Vasanth R S


Hi Vasanth, thanks for answering.

 I have been testing that program, and I have noticed I must plug X100 microUSB port instead of X101 (debug microUSB port), because this one does not allow VCOM. When I connect X100 port, it doens't get recognized by my PC, so I read I had to install the driver.inf created with the VCOM APP. However, even having installed it, I get no data for the serial monitor (PUTTY). I thought that maybe that .inf file was for XMC4500 instead of XMC4400, so I created the same program, selecting XMC4400 Platform2Go as default board. When I install the .inf file created with the new program, this message appears "The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. It is possible that the file is damaged or has been tampered with.".

Do you have any idea of how I can fix that?