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Hi all,

I'm using a XMC4400 operating as a sensor node for an IoT application and I want it to be able to receive packets from a master node, another uC (not a XMC), in an interrupt fashion.

I've read the documentation and I cannot find a suitable answer for that, the only interrupt that DAVE APPS gives me is the interrupt when the Master node is requesting for data.
And the interrupt I want is when the Master node is SENDING data, chunks of data, not commands/offsets/wtv.

Due to time/architectural restrictions I cannot operate the XMC as a master and slave at the same time.

So the only thing I'm asking if is there an interrupt that can be triggered when the master is sending data. Like using a FIFO interrupt or something like that.

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Have you tried using the I2C receive direct mode? You can connect an external interrupt an use I2C_SLAVE_GetReceivedByte to get the data transmitted from the master.
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Can you explain it further?

Do you mean use "I2C_SLAVE_RECEIVE();" ?
The other part I don't understand how that could be done. Are you saying triggering an external interrupt with GetReceivedByte?

Thanks in advance,
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Hi, I have done same challenge but works perfect with XMC4500 as Master and XMC1302 as Slave/Master Sensor node.
The Project data:
XMC4500 acts as I2C-MASTER. Sends DateTime from LwIP and other data to Slave. After submitting, Master waits for I2C-Slave Response sensor data.
XMC1302 acts as I2C-SLAVE. Receives/synchronizes DateTime and other data from Master by Interrupt. After receiving data it sends back sensor data to MASTER.
I could provide you with DAVE-4.3.2 Code which wors perfect.Unfortunatley Project has 15MB of ZIP-Code, so I couldnt attach it to Forum.
If questions arises, pls. contact me at
best regards