XMC4400 ASC Boot & Dev Kit

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In the XMC4400 Ref Manual V1.5 page 25-16 it says ASC Boot pins are P1.4 & P1.5
On the Hexagon XMC4400 Dev Board schematic 6 pin boot connector it appears to use P1.5 & P1.7

Is there an error, or what am I not understanding correctly?

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Hi Roger,

There is no error or your understanding is incorrect.
The ASC bootloader indeed is P1.4 and P1.5, however, the XMC4400 application kit is it not designed to have the on-board debugger to support the bootloader interface.
Therefore, you can select the boot mode via the dip switch and you have to make your own interface to P1.4 and P1.5.

The pin P1.5 and P1.7 are pins for USIC 0 as well.
So, UART communication will be supported by the on-board debugger.
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Hello Jackson,

I understand thank you. Maybe it would have been useful had the 6 pin connector been connected to the UART boot pins.

Thanks Roger