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Hi Forum

I have two problem with my device and after consulting almost whole google and this forum, I`ve created now this thread.
So yes, i have checked all the sample projects and the other threads around those two problems.
My setup is: XM4300 Device (EtherCAT is working fine)
I2C Slave TMP2 and TMP3 (tried both, same result)
Dave version 4.4.2 and newest apps. (I2C Master version 4.1.30)

Now my first problem:
I don`t get the I2C bus running, tried different approaches

#define TMP2_ADDRESS (0x4B)
#define reg_TMP2 (0x00)




received_data = I2C_MASTER_GetReceivedByte(&I2C_MASTER_0);

On the oscilloscope, there is only repeated bit send, but no communication at all.

I am very confused about the different app versions, dos and don`t and i can`t find any clear tutorial with the newest version.. (also confusing with different parameters/options in the different I2C Master config dialog..
There is also something around regarding the slave address is not 1:1 usable and needs to be converted?

Second problem:
I want to have debug messages. So i tried all the stuff with XMC_DEBUG_ENABLE in preprosessor and the other options that needs to be activated and also checkec this one https://www.infineonforums.com/threads/3489-DAVE-TIP-of-the-day-Semihosting-in-DAVEv4?
.. but then i get compile error and its just not working..
So also there, i can`t find any document/tutorial based on the newest software/app versions.

I really hope you guys can help me, thank you!

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