XMC4300 Current Consumption

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I have a custom PCB using the XMC4300-F100x256 processor with most of the logic side based on the Relax XMC43 kit. and I am surprised to see the operating current being so high at around 230mA from the logic supply with an erased FLASH. If I hold the processor in reset the current drops to 150mA. Naturally there are other components on the board compared to the development kit so I have run the same test on that.

The development kit consumes 235mA from the 5V rail and I expect the 3.3V rail to be similar given that there are only a few ICs on this board. The built-in J-link debugger is held in permanent reset so shouldn't be consuming much current at all. However, when I hold the main processor in reset the current consumption from 5V is 87mA which to me is very high. I have confirmed that the EtherCAT PHY ICs (Broadcom BCM5241 parts) are in reset so they too should be in low current consumption mode).

Can anyone explain where the 87mA is being consumed when the reset current for the processor is meant to by typ. 5mA according to the datasheet?

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As you mentioned the typical reset current for XMC4300 is 5mA (IDDP_PORST). As per my understanding, you observe XMC4300 consumes 87mA in reset mode(PORST# LOW). Please correct me, if I am wrong.

To assist you further with this query, we would like to know some more details about how you are measuring the current consumption of XMC4300.

1. Are you measuring the current consumption on XMC4300 Relax EtherCAT kit or on your custom board? Please clarify.
2. If you are using XMC4300 relax kit, how did you make sure that all of the ICs other than XMC4300 are in reset?

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