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Hello people

I would like to share with you, a test I did with the XMC2GO and a GPRS SIM800L module.

I made a very simple lib to use with the SIM800L Module, with the Baud Rate of 115200, I do not advise using the lower baud rate due to synchronization problems with large messages received by the UART.
I also used another UART for you to pass commands directly from the PC to the module through the XMC.
I also inserted a Delay LIB with a Timer and an Interrupt, which has a good accuracy of up to 10us which is the minimum time I managed to get.

I hope it's useful to someone.
And if anyone makes any improvements, please share them with us.

See you soon.

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Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for sharing the solution with the community. Other community members will be benefitted with these examples. We really appreciate this.

Best Regards,