XMC1300 - Sense2GoL Continuous Measurment

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some time ago I bought a Sense2GoL development kit and tried to programm the provided Software (see the attachment) with DAVE.
My goal was to get the Sense2GoL to continuously measure data, send them via UART to my computer and log the data with the recommended “putty“ software.
To get continuous data, I took out the FFT calculation in the main.c and changed the cycle time for the Sense2GoL to 19.5ms (16 Samples with 820Hz = 16 * 1/820).
My expectations were that the Sense2GoL would measure 16 samples and send them without any calculation to my computer. But that did not happen.
Measuring data at 820Hz for 1 minute would not give me 49200 data points (820Hz times 60 seconds) but only 30000 data points.

The data in my log file is readable, so I dont think the transmission itself is the problem.
Other parts that were changed from the original software are the format of sending the data in HostCommUART.c and disabling the DeepSleepMode in main.c .

Does anyone have more insight in how the Sense2GoL can be configured to send data continuously without calculation and via the UART?

Many thanks!
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Hi Kasr,

Please refer to the Section 4.4 UART radar system interface under the 24GHz Radar Tools and Development Environment User Manual
in order to get Sense2GoL raw data via UART interface to your PC.
Otherwise, it seems that your are using old version of Sense2GoL firmware, latest released version is V1.2.2 downloadable via Sense2GoL Kit under Infineon Toolbox.
For more details please visit https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/evaluation-boards/demo-sense2gol/#

Best Regards,
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Hi tinymanta,

Thank you for your fast reply!
I would not have noticed that my firmware was not up to date.
Unfortunately after the update my problem still exists.
I am able to recieve and log data via the UART with the putty software without any irregularities (16 sample points for I- and Q-Data per measurment cycle).
But looking at the sample points over the time span of e.g. 1 minute, their number altogether is still lower than it would be normal for a real continuous measurement

To give background why I am so pressing with the "continuous" part:
With the Sense2GoL I want to measure the motion of a target with high temporal resolution.
I am curious if I can recognise a motion with just my radar data.
The high temporal resolution is needed for a high detail depiction of the motion and to differentiate it from other data patterns.
With the default firmware the Sense2GoL measures the data like I want it to, but then calculates e.g. a FFT.
The calculation leads to a periode of time in which no data is measured and results in the motion beeing cut in multiple parts.
In the time between these parts, data is lost, which limts the temporal resolution of my measurement.

Looking at the debug option in Dave (which is disabled in a real measurment) I can see that the firmware still calculates the FFT, even after I cut it out of
the main.c
So do you have an idea how to configure the firmware so that it only measures and sends data, without any calculation?

Best Regards!