XMC1300 ASC Synchronization Break Problem

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Hi All,

I'm sending data from PC to XMC1300. The PC sends a synchronization break, sends 10 bytes, waits, and repeats.
The XMC is programmed to run calculations on the data after 10 bytes are received and the break is used to detect start of new data.

Problem is this only works when the delay between previous 10 bytes and synchronization break is 110 ms or more.
The frames come in with errors when delay is less than 110 ms, and I need this delay to be shorter.
PSR value after a failed frame is 0x4EB7. Break detected, receiver noise detected, stop bit error, busy, data lost.

But, if the poll for synchronization break is removed and data is continuously sent without breaks or delays, it all works.
I need the break for future development however.

Baud rate 9600, synchronization break duration is 2 ms, 8 bit data, 1 bit stop, no parity, no interrupts.

Has some body seen this before?
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