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Infineon XMC1100 bootkit offers both SWD for Tasking debugging and ASC for Infineon memtool connection. However in any case if you are building your own XMC1100 target board you still can reuse the mentioned connection by hooking up the Debugg & COM board.

(See attachment)

For SWD Tasking debugging
- Connect XMC1100 P0.14 to Pin2 (SD)
- Connect XMC1100 P0.15 to Pin1 (SC)

For ASC Infineon memtool flash programming.
- Connect XMC1100 P0.14 to Pin7 (Tx)
- Connect XMC1100 P0.15 to Pin8 (Rx)

- Please connect either SWD or ASC only.
- For successful connection please ensure BMI is changed accordingly.

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