XMC1000 TIP of the day: Trigger ADC conversion with CCU4/CCU8

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There are interconnect signal available from CCU4/CCU8 to the ADC gating input.
Therefore, it is possible to configure the ADC to start conversion based on the signal generated by CCU4/CCU8.
The signals connected to ADC gating input are CCU4x.STx and CCU8x.STx.
These signals are the status bit of the CCU4/CCU8 which indicates the active or passive state of the channel.
As these signal is connected to ADC gating input instead of trigger input, set the external trigger input selection, GxQCTRL0.XTSEL = 1111B.
This will extend the signal from the gating input to be used as the ADC trigger input.
Therefore, by using this signal as the trigger input, the triggering of the ADC conversion can be synchronize with CCU4/CCU8 timer slice.
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