XMC1000 TIP of the day: Communicated with PC Terminal Program

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There is a Virtual COM Port when you connect any of the XMC1000 Boot kit to the computer.
When you connect the Boot kit to your system for the first time, it will installed the driver and registered a COM Port in your system.
This COM Port allows the XMC1000 device to communicate with the PC terminal program using UART protocol.

Plug in the Boot Kit in your PC and you will find "JLink CDC UART Port" in the system Device Manager.
The COM Port number indicated there is refer to the Boot Kit Virtual COM Port.
Then, setup your terminal program to connect to this COM Port number.
After that, configure the XMC1000 UART Transmit pin to P1.2 and Received pin to P1.3.
Now, your XMC1000 is ready to send and receive data from the PC terminal program. 🙂
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