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In the RTC of XMC1000, there is an alarm feature provided.
This alarm feature would trigger an interrupt when the RTC reach the user configured time.
The alarm interrupt is triggered when the value in register ATIM0 and ATIM1 matched the value in register TIM0 and TIM1.
The use this feature, user is requires to configured the value in ATIM0 and ATIM1 and enabled the alarm with setting the bit in MSKSR.MAI.
That's it. Once the RTC value reach the ATIM0 and ATIM1 value, the interrupt will be triggered.

The interrupt handler for the RTC alarm will be the SCU interrupt.
This interrupt node is shared with other SCU interrupt too.
Therefore, in the interrupt service routine, register bit SRRAW.AI must be check in order to ensure the interrupt is caused by RTC alarm.
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