XMC1000 Series - documentation for AB-Step available

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A new set of XMC1000 documentation for AB-Step is available at the Infineon Technologies website:

Reference Manual

  • XMC1100 AB-Step Reference Manual V1.2
  • XMC1200 AB-Step Reference Manual V1.2
  • XMC1300 AB-Step Reference Manual V1.2

Data Sheet

  • XMC1100 Data Sheet V1.5
  • XMC1200 Data Sheet V1.5
  • XMC1300 Data Sheet V1.5

Errata Sheet

  • XMC1100 AB-Step Errata Sheet V1.0
  • XMC1200 AB-Step Errata Sheet V1.0
  • XMC1300 AB-Step Errata Sheet V1.0

Changes compared to the previous version can be found under Revision History/ History List.

All documents can be downloaded from the Infineon website:
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